The HCBL Partnership Group is led by local residents

  • If you live work and/or volunteer within the area and are aged over 18 years you are eligible to join the group
  • We hold our meetings locally once a month
  • Members also include local organisations and our local councillors
  • Our aim is to make sure that the money is spent based on the needs and priorities of local people

 SCIPS have been appointed as a Locally Trusted Organisation (LTO) to manage the finances on our behalf and provide a wide range of community development support to the Partnership Group.

Some of the things we have achieved so far

  • Installed a Trim Trail for Children on Kesteven Green.
  • Commissioned research into the Employment and Training needs of our residents
  • Installed Playground games and benches on Somerset Green.
  • Supported 3 local primary schools with £30,000 worth of Environmental and Inspirational project grants over 3 years.
  • Delivered 1000's of leaflets and newsletters to every home in the area.
  • Sponsored local community groups with small grants of up to £500.00.
  • Allocated Theme grants for larger projects.
  • Planted 1000's of daffodil bulbs across parts of the estate.
  • Sponsored the Christmas Tree and lights in Stone Cross for 3 previous years.
  • Funded skips to be placed in the area for residents to dispose of rubbish.
  • Funded local schools, for example, after school dance classes, painting a sun bear and a family/educational trip.