Our Vision

Our Vision

Hateley Cross will be a place of aspiration and strong community spirit.

It will be a friendly place where all people say Hello to one another and feel included.

The community will care for our green spaces, and use them for wellbeing, recreation and the appreciation of nature and the outdoors.

There will be opportunities for learning, training and improving skills.

Our young people will have a sense of self-worth from being involved in the community and they will have a vision for the future.

People will have opportunities to come together for activities where families and children will enjoy the safe spaces here and will see children playing outside.


Our Legacy Statement

Our legacy will thrive through our community and other agencies.

To do this we will invest in community spaces, training, young people, health and wellbeing and the green environment. We will:

  • Develop our green spaces to improve wellbeing and provide leisure activities for families and children for example through activities related to the Mill Pool, a community allotment and school gardens.
  • Commission training to sustain skills improvement and job opportunities.
  • Develop a way of working with volunteers that incentivises and values their contribution to the community.
  • Create a community association to sustain the work of Big Local and recognise its achievements.
  • Provide investment for organisations to develop their community spaces.
  • Create a community hub by mapping our community assets so that there is bookable space for activities across the area
  • Bring people together for celebrations and community events
  • Facilitate a network of agencies and community to provide opportunities for education and learning.
  • Work with agencies to reach out to and involve young people.